• Caribbean Supervision
  • Caribbean Supervision

Our services in the AGRICULTURE are oriented to provide confidence from the conditions of storage, conservation, packaging, loading and / or unloading of agricultural products.

With these services, the interested parties ensure that the products mentioned retain their value both in the local and international markets, as well as credit institutions and different government agencies.

Most Frequent Products

  • Vegetable and animal oils and fats
  • Food grains such as rice, corn, wheat, coffee, pepper, soy, as well as fodder (sorghum)
  • Sugar and molasses
  • Wheat flour, soy flour, and fish meal
  • Pasta for food
  • Fertilizers
  • Refrigerated products

Product quantity and / or product quality reports are issued according to the requirements specified by the customer and based on international, local, international (ICUMSA, AOCS technical standards (ISO, GAFTA, FOSFA, and / or those established by the parties involved.

  • Inventory of bonded products
  • Inspection of physical conditions of warehouse and / or vessel holds
  • Sampling
  • Physical and / or microbiological organoleptic tests of the product
  • Testifying of laboratory tests
  • Custody and / or conservation
  • Supervision during fumigation
  • Inspection of loading / unloading of bulk products
  • Verification of weight in scale (trucks, hoppers, FFCC)
  • Determination of quantity (draft survey, scales, sacks, containers, etc.)